Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Body By You Training
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How does Body By You Training connect personally with its clients?

The main reason that we exist is to help satisfy our clients, keep them challenged and to enjoy the experience of getting and staying fit. We do this by being personal — meeting clients in their space, getting to know their motivations, their fears and their beliefs.  Our goal is to create a dual relationship with each and every client that keeps them focused, ferocious and true about obtaining and succeeding in their fitness goals.  Most of our trainers come from a military and law enforcement background and bring that same level of service to each and every one of our clients.  We believe in ensuring that our clients feel safe when meeting with our trainers and capable of sharing their lives with them.  Our trainers believe in doing the same, forming a mutually respected working relationship with all of our clients.

Does Body By You train with clients via virtual platforms?

Ideally, we like to meet in-person with each and every client and assess what his/her goals are, helping to establish the path to a strong relationship.  Sometimes, this may not be immediately possible, but with the advent of technology, we can circumvent this obstacle.  We use Facetime & Skype as tools to help us establish a monitored session with clients that need that kind of direction.  We also have an On-line platform via our Body By You Training App that allows clients to have full access to their training program and schedule.  Depending on the level of membership that our clients have, they can be connected with a virtual trainer that has programmed exercises, with rest & pacing included, that demonstrates the exercise in question and sets the training routine that needs to be accomplished for that day.  This platform also has a nutrition & fitness tracker available, as well as groups and forums to connect with for extra motivation and challenges.  Also, clients will have access to the Body By You Training Youtube Channel that allows for streaming of pre-recorded exercises, as well as the workout of the day.

Does Body By You meet with clients in person?

Absolutely.  It is the most preferred method of training with clients for our trainers.  Given the current demand, some in-person training requests may need to be scheduled further in advance than usual (generally 2-3 weeks ahead of requested date), but will be honored if given enough notice.  We look forward to meeting each and every client in-person and will also begin offering group training session specials in the cities that we currently train!  We thank you all for allowing us to serve you and have tremendous expectations of more offerings to come!