What We Do

 Our Story

It’s simple – you know the reason why you want what you want. Your goals are based on your desires to have more. And it goes without saying that in order for one’s workouts to be as optimal as they can be, one must be true to his/herself, know his/her threshold and seek to exceed it (many times & repeatedly)!

Our method – a simple questioning of you – how bad do you want to reach your goals? Our trainers will push you, motivate you and congratulate you, but will not carry you.  This is your program. Our mission is to help you complete it.

During this mission, we integrate Mind, Body & Spirit exercises and techniques to help begin the transformation from your old self & way of being.  We keep our clients mindful of these practices when pursuing their goals, asking that a deliberate effort be put into place with each exercise regimen and agenda.

Our Approach

Body By You Training is just that – It’s by You!

Our trainers are available for training via virtual platforms or in person, most frequently throughout the Northern and Western Oregon area, as well as the Chicago Illinois and Raleigh-Durham North Carolina areas.

Thanks for visiting, and make it an incredible day. 

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